The Machines

150x150mm 3 Axis CNC Mill - Aka "Fettes Fickmachine"

Starting with a pair of linear stages pulled from a defunct CMS machine I built this 3 axis CNC mill from Steel C-Channel filled with epoxy granite. It's a  very robust frame design which I will upgrade to larger XY axis when time and funds allow. The spindle is a custom made job crafted from an old Forklift wheel for a housing and an ISO20 center shaft which allows for quick tool changes. This is powered through a belt by a 220V 1.5KW servo motor. RPM range is 0 - 6000. Each axis is moved by a 20x5mm C1 Ballscrew driven by 180w 36v servo motors.  The Z axis has an adjustable air ram to balance the weigh of the spindle assembly. Control is provided by a LinuxCNC PC through a Mesa Ethernet board.   

50x50mm 3 Axis CNC Mill - Aka "Screaming Weinie"

Based around two linear stages pulled from a laser measuring system this tiny machine is capable of extreme precision for a very small budget. The x/y movements are made using 0.5mm  lead screws powered by simple Nema 17 stepper motors. The spindle is a german made Sycotec 4015 yanked from an old dental implant milling machine. It's capable of spinning a tool up to 80k rpm and sounds very much like the worlds smallest and angriest jet engine. Control is provided by an arduino board running Grbl CNC code.